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UBCIC Supports Consultation with Hwlitsum First Nation Prior to Ratification of Tsawwassen Treaty

OPEN LETTER to Government of Canada and Government of British Columbia


March 15, 2007

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Government of Canada
SENT VIA FAX: (613) 995-0101

Honourable Gordon Campbell, Premier
Government of British Columbia
SENT VIA FAX: (250) 387-0087

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Premier Campbell:

Please find enclosed a copy of UBCIC Resolution 2007-01 entitled Hwlitsum Support, a duly passed resolution which was unanimously endorsed at the UBCIC Chiefs Council of January 30, 2007.

The UBCIC Executive conveys its complete support of the Hwlitsum First Nation to protect their Aboriginal Title. Furthermore, we fully support the Hwlitsum First Nation’s right to a full and complete consultation process that will properly accommodate their Aboriginal Title interest before ratification of the Tsawwassen treaty.


Chief Stewart Phillip

Chief Robert Shintah

Chief Mike Retasket

Chief Raymond Wilson, Hwlitsum First Nation
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - Honourable Jim Prentice Minister – FAX (819) 953-4941
Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation - Honourable Michael De Jong, Minister - FAX (250) 953-4856


Resolution no. 2007-01

RE: Hwlitsum Support

WHEREAS the Chiefs Council honour the efforts which the Hwlitsum people have made in order to advance the recognition of the inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples to their Aboriginal Title territories;

WHEREAS the UBCIC fully support efforts made by all Indigenous Peoples to take action to assert and protect their Aboriginal Title; and

WHEREAS UBCIC recognizes that the advancement of our inherent rights as Indigenous Peoples will flow from the political will of our Peoples and our willingness to take a stand to fight for our Aboriginal Title.

WHEREAS the Hwlitsum First Nation and the Tsawwassen First Nation signed a letter of protocol on September 27, 2000 that states:
The Tsawwassen First Nation and the Hwlitsum First Nation support each other’s pursuit of a just and honourable treaty with Canada and British Columbia. Each nation is proud of their Coast Salish heritage and are intent on maintaining good relations with all other Coast Salish people

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Chiefs Council continue to fully support the actions of Hwlitsum First Nation to fully protect their Aboriginal Title; and

THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Chiefs Council support the Hwlitsum First Nation’s position that they should be fully consulted and the overlap issue be resolved before a treaty is ratified.

Moved: Chief Fabian Alexis, Okanagan Indian Band
Seconded: Chief Ron Ignace, Skeetchestn Indian Band
Disposition: Carried
Date: January 30, 2007

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