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First Nations Do Not Approve Central Coast Land and Resource Management Plan

November 1, 2005


The Tsawataineuk First Nation (TFN), Gwawaenuk Tribe and the *Kwicksutaineuk /Ah Kwah Ah Mish First Nation (Four Tribes) hereby give notice that we do not approve the Central Coast Land and Resource Management Plan (CCLRMP) stakeholder process and do not endorse any aspects or the recommendations of the completion/planning table submitted in May 2004 to the Government of British Columbia. 


The Four Tribes share a history as one with our territories and have only been segregated and amalgamated under the Indian Act. We have joined together to develop and complete our individual and collective Land Use Vision in light of the New Relationship Agreement.  Our Land Use Vision like our History includes protection areas, Traditional Laws in relation to our Land, Water, and Air.


It has been brought to our attention that the Provincial Cabinet is currently reviewing third submission of the CCLRMP and we believe maps of our Four Tribes Territories, which combined make up a significantly large portion of the CCLRMP.  With this notice we expect that our Territories be taken off the CCLRMP map and any discussions that the Provincial Government may be having of our Territories in relation to the CCLRMP cease until all legal requirements of meaningful consultation are met.


Our Four Tribes do not agree to the CCLRMP stakeholder process as it also has not addressed our capacity needs to meaningfully participate. Specifically the Tsawataineuk Nation have put on record that we had not been adequately consulted due to inadequate funding and resources to fully participate and hereby give notice that implementation of the recommendations and other aspects of the CCLRMP process have not met the standards of meaningful consultation within the spirit of the New Relationship Agreement, nor has it addressed our protection areas such as Holden Creek. As you may know, Holden Creek is a sacred area to our Four Tribes, as it relates to the Origin Story of our People and our History, Title and Rights protect all the territories of our Four Tribes.


The position we are asserting is reflective of the New Relationship Agreement, which affirms the position, we have taken prior to the New Relationship agreement and prior to any Government-to-Government (G2G) discussions of the CCLRMP recommendations.


We are prepared to collectively enter into a G2G Protocol reflective of the goals and principles of the New Relationship Agreement.  Until such time we have a consultation protocol that we agree to, there will be no certainty until our Four Tribes are adequately resourced to further develop our Land Use Vision.




Chief Charlie Williams, (250) 949-8732 or gwawas@island.net

Chief Robert Chamberlin, (250) 974-4680 or mooguy@shaw.ca

TFN Chairman, Eric Joseph, (250) 974-3013



*Kwicksutaineuk /Ah Kwah Ah Mish, amalgamated under the Indian act. Now the Kwicksutaineuk Ah Kwah Ah Mish




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