Union of BC Indian Chiefs
1st British Columbia Chiefs Conference, Kamploops, B.C. November 18-22, 1969


UBCIC Posters

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs has a long history of social activism. The following exhibit is a collection of posters created to raise awareness of Aboriginal issues such as Indian Government, Self-Determination, Title & Rights, etc. Some of the posters contain original artwork done by Saul Terry, UBCIC president from 1983 to 1998.

These posters were digitized with the generous support of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

Indian Government
British North America Act
Indian Constitution Express
UBCIC 20th Anniversary
You either are...or you aint. I are...
Aboriginal Rights
UBCIC 25th Anniversary
Chiefs Mask
Self-Determination or Termination
Making Indians Ordinary Canadians
To alter any society without consent is GENOCIDE
We Are Not Criminals, We Are Political Prisoners
Self-Determination or Self-Termination
Self Determination vs. Self Termination
Boycott the Referendum
Pacific Salmon-Born to be Wild
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied