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UBCIC Publications

Aboriginal Rights Position Paper, UBCIC (1978)

Aboriginal Rights Resource Kit, UBCIC (1980)

Aboriginal Title and Rights Position Paper, UBCIC (1985)

Aboriginal Title: Implementation, UBCIC (1998)

Calling Forth Our Future: Options for the Exercise of Indigenous People's Authority in Child Welfare, UBCIC (2002)

Certainty: Canada's struggle to extinguish Aboriginal Title, UBCIC (1998)

Chief Kerry's Moose: A Guidebook to Land Use and Occupancy Mapping, Research Design and Data Collection, UBCIC and Ecotrust Canada (2000)

The Corbiere Ruling, UBCIC (2000)

A Declaration of Indian Rights: the BC Position Paper, UBCIC (1976)

The Evolution Of British Columbia's Heritage Environment: An Overview and Discussion of First Nations Issues, UBCIC (2003)

Federal Recognition of Indian Fishing Rights in British Columbia by Barbara & Robert B. Lane, UBCIC (1978)

Fish Farms, Zero Tolerance: Indian Salmon don't do Drugs, UBCIC (1998)

The Indian Act & What it Means, UBCIC (1988)

Indian Water Rights in British Columbia: A Handbook, UBCIC (1991)

The Land is the Culture: A Case for BC Indian Land Claims, produced by Fred Cawsey, Keith Bradbury & Gundar Lipsbergs for UBCIC (1975; Video)

The Lands We Lost - A History of Cut-off Lands and Land Losses from Indian Reserves in British Columbia by Reuben Ware, UBCIC (1974)

Modern Land Claims Agreements: Through the Nisga'a Looking Glass, UBCIC (1998)

Nisga'a Agreement: Plain Language Summary, UBCIC (1998)

Our Homes are Bleeding: A Short History of Indian Reserves by Reuben Ware, UBCIC (1975)

Stolen Lands, Broken Promises : Researching the Indian Land Question in BC - An Introduction to Research Strategies & Archival Research for Band Researchers, UBCIC (2005)

The Sechelt Act & What it Means, UBCIC (1988)

A Short Commentary on Land Claims in BC, Dr. Bruce Miller (2003)

Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs' Initial Response: Canada's Civil Society Consultations for the World Conference Against Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance 2001, UBCIC (2000)

What are Cut-off Lands?, UBCIC (1974)


To check for purchase availability of any of the publications listed above please contact us at at (604) 684-0231 or <ubcic at ubcic.bc.ca>. 

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