Q - What are your personal feelings about the land claims; the importance of land to the Indian culture?

A - You mean our Aboriginal Title?

Q - Yeah, or just the land itself.

A - The land itself, we feel that, like Capilano here, we know the value of it and we can develop every inch of it and our development is held up because we're waiting to see the outcome of this whole waterfront cut-off and that's the best part of our development is right that area. And if we ever get it back, which I have a lot of doubts, but I think that we can get most of it back, because They're already established in some of the areas, like the sewage plant and some of the other areas, that they'll have to keep and use. I am not too keen on what has happened and we've been fighting for this lands cut-off ever since I can remember and going over 40 years and I don't know how long it's going to last. I think a lot, but it's no use expressing my feeling because if I say something, in our group, our breed is the old-timers now. When we were young, we fought and we fought the government for everything. Now that they're getting all the grants, but we not getting anywhere with the land. but eventually I think we're going to benefit from using this as our key to fight for our lands claims, I think the government is going to have to compensate us one way or the other.