When you said practicing...what do you call the federal government taking land...appropriation, well you practiced a lot of that, congratulations. Not only for highways, byways, airports, river channels, we've got it all. Every time we turn we're the underdog. It's getting to the point where Indian people don't give a damn, now they haven't much to live for. To restore them people back to reality, it's going to be a job for you and I and the public at large, too. Gotta show them some respect of some kind. They've been done in and all you people sitting here know that, Not the fact that a few dollars is involved. I don't think you should look at it and that be the attitude. There's a lot more to it than just the dollars and cents, it's people's lives that I think we're talking about, people's future, Indian people. They're not going nowhere. They're going to be here the next thousands of years if this land don't go out from under them, but the way they're living now, they're better off dead. So you shouldn't take this cut-off question so lightly or anything because justice is something that we're looking forward to.