Paul Inquiry Testimony Paints a Disturbing Picture

March 19, 2008
“The Union of BC Indian Chiefs concerns are deepening as the Frank Paul Inquiry continues to reveal more and more startling evidence," said Grand Chief Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. "Former investigator for the police complaint commissioner, Bill MacDonald provided testimony yesterday stating that the findings of pathologist Rex Ferris indicated that Paul was already dead in the police wagon. This evidence serves to demonstrate and expose the fundamental flaws of the initial investigations.”

“MacDonald’s testimony when coupled with Constable Instant’s testimony raises grave questions in relation to the events of that night. According to Instant’s testimony, the staff member at the detox centre asked about admitting Paul to the detox facility, Instant replied ‘no, he stays with me.’ When the opportunity was afforded to him, why didn’t Constable David Instant hand Paul over to the warmth and safety of the detox centre?” said Grand Chief Phillip.

“The logical and chilling conclusion is consistent with Rex Ferris’ findings, Frank Paul was, in all likelihood already deceased in the police wagon and therefore died in police custody. Frank Paul was subsequently abandoned in an alley where he was later discovered. Perhaps this is why there has been such an enormous effort over the last 9 ½ years to frustrate all opportunities to have the matter fully examined through an exhaustive and public inquiry” concluded Grand Chief Phillip.

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Grand Chief Stewart Phillip
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